Staying in the winners circle of life.

I really don’t know the why and how of my blog titles, I just throw out whatever seems to seep up from the back of my mind. But, I think this one wraps up what has bloomed from this week.

Last week was pretty good in terms of staying on task with workouts. I had my mat rolled out everyday. Then I took the weekend off, figuring it would give me a good break before starting off this week. Monday proved to be a pretty good day and I got a really good yoga practice in. Tuesday I was hoping for the same, but ended up with a more gentle yoga that only lasted about 10 minutes. My pain levels were soaring, so I rolled up the mat and opted for a long soak in Epsom salts. Yesterday was no better. In fact, I got dressed hoping to do some more gentle yoga, but that was not to be. When I can’t even get into one of my favorite poses, down dog, without feeling uncomfortable, I know it is time to back off. Instead, I grabbed the foam roller I just bought off Amazon, and hoped that would alleviate some of the deep pain I was dealing with in my back, shoulder, and legs.

Since trying to workout on a regular basis, I realized how the issues with myofasical pain has been plaguing me. So I decided to invest in a foam roller. I’m all about options and versatility, so I opted for this one by PowerPro. It is actually two rollers in one. That inner cylinder can be removed and is a smooth roller. I have used it twice and so far I am liking it and noticing a difference.

This has just been an off week all around for me. I felt exhausted on Tuesday and it was almost as if I hadn’t slept for days. Then yesterday and today, I slept in until 10:00 a.m.! But, I must admit, today I am feeling a bit more spry and am a mentally in a bit better place. I’m going to revel in that, but not overdo it. Even my appetite was off. Last night I couldn’t convince myself to have dinner, and opted to have popcorn and a Lean protein drink so I wouldn’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

My plan today is to get back on the mat and only go as far and as long as I my body tells me. I’m going to not stress about how much time I lost this week. I have decided to reboot my writing blogs and get back to showing up each week with posts on The Gregarious House. As far as this blog, I’m going to post once a week and not focus on what my readership looks like. I will not focus on the numbers of people it reaches, but remain hopeful it reaches those who are in need of it. Health goals with chronic issues are hard to obtain when the medical research still doesn’t have definitive answers. But, I am willing to put in the hard work to go it alone, with the hopes that others can follow along, find some use in it, and not feel isolated in their diagnosis.

This post, and many to follow, may not be filled with happy hiking and zen~filled yoga workouts. It won’t have definitive answers to the best way to work through pain, to lose weight, or the best remedies to fight through the mental struggles. Because I don’t have any of that. I only have my struggles and my experiences to share. My ways may or may not fit into what works for you and vice versa. But, I have learned and seen, time and time again, how differently most of us that have been diagnosed with chronic pain, have come to have it. There is no set course to it, and there is not one specific set course out of it. We just need to keep working toward a life where it does not define us or dictate our daily life. I can’t say I am very close to that at this point, but I am noticing small nuances of the person I was emerge. And I’m going to hold onto those priceless nuggets and build on them.

Whatever your struggles, I hope you find resilience, strength, and continued hope in every moment forward. We got this!

DeeDee’s Endorsement: If you have ever wanted to try yoga or are new to it, and have Amazon Prime, I found this great video series called 30 Day Yoga for Weight Loss with Julia Marie. The series is free with a Prime membership. Although I have had experience with yoga for quite a few years now, I am finding it beneficial for me to start out as if I am new to it. This has given me the opportunity to really focus on my alignment in various poses and to realign my past views of exercise having to remain in be a pain or no gain realm in order to be beneficial.

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